Light Light

The depth of change in my journey with Christ leads to an awareness of His desire to usher me towards renewal.

I am a most difficult person to transform.

I think I got my stubbornness from rocks. I always thought of myself as the official last word on anything. My opinions are ex cathedra. Thus, I deal with a misguided sense of infallibility.

As I go through life in Christ, I began noticing how God takes me lightly. Indeed, if He were to take me seriously, I would have been decimated in hell several times over. The duplicity of the human soul is deathly pronounced.

My tongue bears witness to this anomaly. The little muscle speaks of heaven for an hour, in the next bleep, hell spews from it like lava. The book of Proverbs is spot on: words are commissioned with both life and death. They either give birth to a lift or kill without mercy.

How many times have I spoken to edify someone?
How many times have I spoken to crucify someone?

How can one even remember? The heart is too arrogant to edit.

Thus, I have resolved to commit to  a strong witness of lightness about my light.

I now take myself lightly and vow to take only the Person of God seriously.