Deep Sleep

The prequel of Christ's glory harks back to the Garden of Gethsemane. Not one of his disciples survived the assault of fatigue. They chose sleep over the prod to keep watch and pray.

While in agony, the Messiah fought torments of surrender by anchoring his soul to what has always been true: God never sleeps. He never slumbers.

Life's brutal pace requires the balm of bed. We run through the rigor of hours draining our batteries quickly than iPhones & Androids. While plodding in toil, we walk amidst seductions that allure us to competing allegiances.

Money, Sex, and Power form mountain ranges that purvey delusive promises meant to disrupt our gaze upon the True Delight.

No wonder, God shuns sleep.

His desire to see us through every single day reflects an eternal lullaby that only ends in a rouse in His house.

Detailed Art: Lisa Grosfeld  Psalm 121

Detailed Art: Lisa Grosfeld Psalm 121