Holy Craft

The first thing I learn about God in Scriptures is that He works.

God crafts the universe with signatures of beauty. His evaluation affirms solidity: it is good!

I have always admired people whose passion for work mirrors the imago Dei.

I know of one Master Plumber whose hands resemble that of a surgeon while loosening the grime in dark creepy spots. Thank you, Mark.
I know of one coiffeuse whose eye for hair symmetry translates into silent masterpieces. Thank you, Rocelyn.
I know of one Nurse-Anesthetist whose knowledge for surgical preparation pushes his devotion towards inspiring precision. Thank you, Gerald.
I know of one School Teacher whose love for music turns every Parent-Teacher meet into a world premiere of classical genius. Thank you, David.
I know of one Accountant whose zest for integrity carries his numbers to impressive heights. Thank you, Voltaire.
I know of one Pastor whose hands are soiled to bring the gospel without seeking pay, Thank you, Paul.
I am about to set out to work ...

May I be blessed with unbridled resolve to pursue my vocation without duplicity but with utmost integrity.